Monday, June 5, 2017

A Memorial Day Visit to Deepdale

I know he's only a Leatherman by marriage to Jean. But for those of you who read this, I wanted to share a link to the post I did for Memorial Day about Ken and his service as seen through the letters he sent to his parents.

Dad was shipped out with a gang from Fort Custer to the China/Burma/India theatre (he served in India).

His letters capture some of that time. You can see it here:

In other news, being Memorial Day and all, I planted flowers at the Leatherman graves.

Ken and Martin had flags placed by the cemetery, recognizing their war service. (If Wendell or Mike served in WWII, please let me know and I can ask Deepdale to do that for next year.)

And a fun genealogical fact -- our relative Peter Bricker served as a private in the Revolutionary War. J.P.'s mother, Angeline, was a Bricker on her mother's side. Peter served before the family emigrated to Canada.

Peter was born in Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, PA on April 1, 1735 and died August 1, 1804 in Allen Township, Cumberland County, PA. The associated ancestor Revolutionary War record associated with Peter on the DAR Genealogical Research Database is here:  Ancestor #: A014241. Peter was with the 3D Batt, Cumberland CO. Militia.
Here are a few other photos from the Leatherman graves.

J.P. and Minnie

 Iris and Wendell

Eleanor and Mike

Grace and Martin

Jean and Ken

 Another view of Deepdale...

And the Wood graves at Mt. Hope Cemetery.

Here's William S. Wood.

And Uncle Irving Wood, Minnie's brother.

(We don't know where Junior and Bessie Wood, Minnie's mom, were buried but they died in Lansing. Time for research.

It's not a bad spot to stop for awhile. 


  1. It seems to be very exciting there.

  2. Love this genealogy series.

    My father's family is from Lebanon and Lancaster County, PA. They were part of William Penn's movement as well and came here from the Switzerland and the Palatinate.

    Did you know that there is a community near Cocalico Twp. (and the community of Cocalico) called Brickerville? I wonder? My Dad grew up near there in Schaefferstown.

    If you ever make the trip to Cocalico Twp., I recommend visiting the Ephrata Cloisters and the nearby farmers' market, The Green Dragon. You will be fully immersed in Mennonite and Amish culture.

    By the way, I live in Owosso and have enjoyed your blogs for a long time.

  3. How cool. so much history to be traced.


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