Thursday, February 9, 2017

Spirit Guides on the Ancestral Highway

I've recently written an article for Modern Creative Life called Spirit Guides on the Ancestral Highway.

It speaks to how a chance discovery of a postcard at an antiquarian book fair hit home all too meaningfully. It was written by our own Minnie.

Click over and check it out and see the photos of the card itself (front and back) showing a bit of the old cottage at Wah Wah Soo and see some lovely photos of our grandmother.


  1. Oh dear Jeanie, I am so excited to find your ancestry blog! I too have felt such a pull to learn more about my family's ancestors. It's often felt like they are calling me and sadly they have gone much ignored due to time constraints, daily life, work, writing, etc. And no one in my family has any interest in helping me... it's a huge time commitment and no one has the interest. But I've long since started the tree and am about to take the DNA test. And I've driven 4-5 hours several summers to walk the streets of the town where most of them lived in the last century and a half. But the most interesting recent discovery is that of all of them, I've been a little obsessed with one I haven't yet found much info on. I keep coming back to her for reasons I've never quite understood. Several years ago, during a reading, an intuitive told me one of my angel guides was called Paulina. And over the years I've kind of chuckled about the name: Who names an angel Paulina? How does one get an angel named Paulina? What kind of name is that for a guide?! The other night I went back to my family tree after being away from it for awhile, and of course I went back to her. I clicked on one of the hints only to find that her middle name is spelled Pauline in one hint and Polinna in another! I am beside myself! So if I wasn't sure before that our ancestors may be our guides, I am now. And loved your article, btw! You have inspired me with your blog. Cheers to you... and yours!

  2. Wow...I love this. Love the old pics. My mom has traced back to the early 1700s for her dads side of the family and then some on her moms. I love knowing that history and being able to pass it down. Thanks for coming over and visiting at my blog. Hope to see you again.

  3. I love the smile.

    Hubby's mom just had her DNA test to see what's she made of. Interesting stuff.

  4. I've just found your ancestry blog- a wonderful idea. The premature death of my parents and the lack of extended family has meant that much of our history has been lost. The chance discovery of a postcard written by your own Minnie must have been quite surreal. Best wishes for your continuing search.

  5. Great article in Modern Creative Life!


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