Friday, May 6, 2016

Who was Uncle Irving?

Who was Uncle Irving? Irving S. Wood was Minnie Wood's older brother.


A handsome lawyer, he was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, the son of William S. Wood and Bessie (Elizabeth) Granger Wood. He never married.

Iris recalled how when he would visit at Christmas he would bring wonderful toys for her and Eleanor -- "giant teddy bears with electric eyes from Germany!"

Irving became ill from Bright's Disease and moved to Lansing to be cared for by Minnie Wood Leatherman, his sister. Bright's is a kidney disease -- today we would call it acute or chronic nephritis.

Back in "the day," acute Bright's disease was treated with local depletion (bleeding or blood-letting to reduce blood pressure), warm baths, diuretics and laxatives. There was no successful treatment for chronic Bright's disease, though dietary modifications were sometimes suggested.

He died in 1916, a year after his father. According to the back of the photo, he also died after his mother. We have been unable to locate a death date for Elizabeth Bessie Wood but there is a photo with the three of them in 1915.

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