Sunday, April 17, 2016

Fun Finds from the City Directories

Checking out city directories can be a fun way to find out where people lived in a given year, where they worked and on occasion, other family members at the residence. Here are a few fun finds from City Directories in Lansing and Buffalo. On the left column, you'll see J.P. and Family listed.

Below, a Buffalo City Directory listing for Williams S. Wood, candymaker.

And here's one from when he and Bessie moved to Lansing!

All sorts of fun finds! I think if you click on them you can see them in a different window and make them larger or just hit control + to enlarge your screen view!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Great Grandpa Wood

Minnie's dad, William S. Wood. I'm not sure of the date of this photo.

He was quite the confectioner and one day I'll post and share some of his recipes!

Welcome to the Leatherman Tree

I'm finding such fun things as I go through our family history! I'll log a few of them here to keep you in the loop!

Here's my find of the day! Our great grandma Leatherman, Angeline -- JP's dad. She died when he was four.

Stay tuned for more and keep sending me memories, photos, whatever!