Monday, June 5, 2017

A Memorial Day Visit to Deepdale

I know he's only a Leatherman by marriage to Jean. But for those of you who read this, I wanted to share a link to the post I did for Memorial Day about Ken and his service as seen through the letters he sent to his parents.

Dad was shipped out with a gang from Fort Custer to the China/Burma/India theatre (he served in India).

His letters capture some of that time. You can see it here:

In other news, being Memorial Day and all, I planted flowers at the Leatherman graves.

Ken and Martin had flags placed by the cemetery, recognizing their war service. (If Wendell or Mike served in WWII, please let me know and I can ask Deepdale to do that for next year.)

And a fun genealogical fact -- our relative Peter Bricker served as a private in the Revolutionary War. J.P.'s mother, Angeline, was a Bricker on her mother's side. Peter served before the family emigrated to Canada.

Peter was born in Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, PA on April 1, 1735 and died August 1, 1804 in Allen Township, Cumberland County, PA. The associated ancestor Revolutionary War record associated with Peter on the DAR Genealogical Research Database is here:  Ancestor #: A014241. Peter was with the 3D Batt, Cumberland CO. Militia.
Here are a few other photos from the Leatherman graves.

J.P. and Minnie

 Iris and Wendell

Eleanor and Mike

Grace and Martin

Jean and Ken

 Another view of Deepdale...

And the Wood graves at Mt. Hope Cemetery.

Here's William S. Wood.

And Uncle Irving Wood, Minnie's brother.

(We don't know where Junior and Bessie Wood, Minnie's mom, were buried but they died in Lansing. Time for research.

It's not a bad spot to stop for awhile. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Spirit Guides on the Ancestral Highway

I've recently written an article for Modern Creative Life called Spirit Guides on the Ancestral Highway.

It speaks to how a chance discovery of a postcard at an antiquarian book fair hit home all too meaningfully. It was written by our own Minnie.

Click over and check it out and see the photos of the card itself (front and back) showing a bit of the old cottage at Wah Wah Soo and see some lovely photos of our grandmother.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Merry Christmas to All!
Iris, Eleanor, Jean and Junior, c. 1921, at 833 N. Capitol.
And a Happy New Year!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Summer at the Lake

Summer at the lake! Some of us have been doing it since the 1920s and would probably still keep at it, if it were more convenient.

Here are some summer photos from days gone by.

Lots of fun with the little kids at the lake.

At the lake -- kids in the front row are Junior and Grace, Middle Row: Jean, Eleanor and unknown girl; Back row -- Unknown boy, Minnie, Iris
Here's the Leatherman family.

Eleanor, Jean, Iris holding Grace, Junior with J.P. and Minnie behind.
Jean's best friend, Fran Pike, was a few doors down.

Jean with Fran Pink outside Leatherman Cottage

Jean and Grace with Fran and others.

Fran with unknown boy (possibly a Henny brother?), unknown girl, Jean with Grace in front. 
Note proximity of trees to beach and high water. Taken before breakwall added.

Detail of Jean and Grace from above photo.

Jean -- on the breakwall.

Grace and Martin Krauss. (I've got to run this through photo and straighten out that background!)

Note that the beach was very large (low water) and the breakwall has been done. Approximately taken 1950.
 Here comes a new generation! Ken with Nancy Marzolf.

Cousins together!

Looks like this must be around 1952. Taller kids are Susan Porter and John Marzolf; Sitting on left is Jim Marzolf with Anne Porter and Jack Porter on the ground. 
At the right is Nancy Marzolf holding Deet and David Krauss.
 Deet, David and Jack.

Cousins in a boat!

Another crooked horizon! David, Anne, Patty, Jack, Deet (in back with Mutty)

From the Deet-and-David collection.

And yet another.

Three grumpy Krauss kids.

Patty, Mutty, David
Deet with Mary Anne Krauss (Mutty)

Can anyone identify the guy standing behind Deet?
 Deet with Patty and Mutty Krauss. We have come a long way.

This is the photo everyone hopes someone tore up and forgot!

There are more to be scanned! And don't forget to send photos you might have!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wedding Time!

On June 15, we say Happy Anniversary to Nancy and Walt Taylor! Nancy and Walt have kept the Leatherman line going for two more generations!

So, I thought I'd share a few wedding photos and news clips from the family. Below is the announcement seen in an earlier post of William S. Wood and Bessie Granger, Minnie Wood's parents.

Here's J.P. and Minnie!

And Minnie in a wedding portrait.

And just so we know we're all legal, their wedding registration! (They're third from the bottom; scroll over to the far right for details on minster, witnesses)

Nancy's parents, Iris Leatherman and Wendell Marzolf, had their marriage documented here.

And here they are at the lake!

Grace Leatherman and Martin Krauss were married at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in a service officiated by Marty's dad, Reverend Frederick Krauss.

Grace told Mary Anne (Mutty) that she wanted no guests since her mother, Minnie, was too ill to attend. Her sister Jean and Ken Croope were the witnesses.

Jean Leatherman and Ken Croope had the same low-key wedding, married across the street from 833 North Capitol by Reverend Krauss.

Here's a look at the reception of Grace's son, David, when he married Bonnie Bletcher. Now their kids are pushing 30!

Annie Taylor and Jason Minshew were married at Nancy and Walt's Flagstaff home. After living years in Austin, they've moved back to Flag.

The most recent family wedding was Grace's grandson, Mark Elinsky, to Katie Ricchutio in 2013 in a beautiful interfaith ceremony.

I'll be scanning what photos of the other weddings I have soon. I'm sure I have candids from the weddings of Nancy and Walt and John and Pat Marzolf. But that leaves a lot of others, so if you have a favorite wedding picture of you and your spouse or your parents, either send me the photo (and I'll return it after scanning) or a digital copy!