Monday, June 6, 2016

Meet Your Sixth Cousin, Barb!

Just when you thought you knew all the cousins on the Leatherman side, think again!

Here's a great story! I've known Barb Swartz for about five years or so. She's part of my wine tasting group, Cork Poppers. Add to that, she's an incredibly creative woman and an amazing cook who always gets asked to bring the salad because they are culinary masterpieces. Each year we co-host a make-and-take tea for friends. She's a kindred spirit.

She's also a cousin!

One day I was working on the family tree and I knew Barb had done some genealogy work and I had a question to ask her. As she was looking at our tree, which I was scrolling over she yelled "Stop! Go back to Eve Gochenour!

Eve Gochenour Welty is our sixth great great grandmother, a seventh-generation direct descendant. She was born between 1730 and 1736 in Mannheim Township, which is either in Lancaster (probably) or York, Pennsylvania. Her family line takes us back to 14 generations (for us -- make that 16 for the youngest Leathermans -- Ollie, Theodore, Clara, Alicia, Tara and all of John's big brood!

Sebastian G. (Basthli) Gochenour (Cougenour) was born between 1543 and 1545 in Fischenthal, a canton of Zurich, Switzerland. I don't have a death date or any information related to emigration.

Cousin Barb with her husband, Mike 
So, don't think you have to run into a Leatherman to find a relative! You never know what you'll find when you keep looking!

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